HASHGRAPH – The new consensus algorithm

Goodbye Blockchain, Hello Hashgraph…

Must read article on why HASHGRAPH is so revolutionary – great work by the team at CryptoAnswers.net

Why is Hashgraph superior to Blockchain?

Unlike the presently employed blockchain networks such as that of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Hashgraph eliminates the need for the massive computational and energy requirements that Proof-of-Work consensus succumbs to. Using the ‘gossip about gossip’ protocol enables Hashgraph to be lightweight, nimble and much like gossip between friends, is able to spread exponentially and almost by definition is transparent. For example, the Bitcoin blockchain is about 60GB in size, whereas Hashgraph uses a fraction of that memory, about 1GB, allowing cell phones to act as nodes. Here is an image that provides a reasonable comparison by analogy.

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