Blockchain may end up being the horse and buggy

Great article that highlights the vulnerabilities and limitations of existing Blockchain Crypto solutions.

Perhaps the best case yet for why HASHGRAPH is such a game changer!

Vitalik (of Ethereum) makes this interesting comment on this video:

“If you look at the raw number of blockchains today, Bitcoin is currently processing a bit less than 3 transactions a second, and if goes close to 4, it’s already at peak capacity. In Ethereum, it’s been doing about 5 [transactions] a second, and if it goes above 6, it’s also at peak capacity.”

Vitalik shares some speed/throughput comparisons:

Uber: 12 rides per second
PayPal: 100’s of transactions per second
Visa: 1,000’s of transactions per second
Stock Exchanges: 10,000’s transactions per second
IoT: 100,000’s of transactions (needed)
Non-Financial DApps: 1,000,000’s of transactions (needed)

So could it prove true that…

Blockchain may end up being the horse and buggy?

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