Hedera Hashgraph Public Ledger and Governance Framework

Demetri Kofinas interviews Leemon Baird about the launch of Hedera

In this Hidden Forces exclusive, Demetri Kofinas interviews Leemon Baird about the launch of Hedera, a public ledger built on the Hashgraph consensus protocol. Hedera promises to be the public ledger of the future. It’s fast, able to process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second in a single shard. It is secure with asynchronous Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus. It provides fairness in transaction ordering, with consensus times-tamping for every event shared across the network.

Hedera is open review, meaning that anyone will be able to read the source code, recompile it, and verify that it is correct. The Hedera whitepaper makes it explicitly clear that no license will be required to use the platform. No license will be required to write software that uses the services of the platform or to build smart contracts on top of the platform.

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