Hashgraph ICO

Hashgraph ICO

Will there be a Hashgraph ICO?

This news is direct from HASHGRAPH

# Please be cautious of scams and phishing attempts.

# Do not send any money to Hashgraph OR any site that claims to be running the Hashgraph ICO

# Scammers are building fake Hashgraph websites trying to steal your money.

# If you do find a scam, please report it to contact@hashgraph.com.

# Hashgraph does not have an ICO or any way to invest.

# A statement regarding public ledger interest is coming. Be patient.

Nothing makes us more vulnerable than loneliness, except greed

– Thomas Harris

Unfortunately, there are a number of websites promoting a Hashgraph ICO – some even directly copy the main Hashgraph website and just insert a little ICO info along with their Bitcoin Address to catch out the unwary.

Beware FAKE Ico!

Right now the No1 result in Google for HASHGRAPH ICO is a FAKE ICO Site

fake hashgraph ico

Click through to this site (not recommended) and you will see something that looks remarkably like the main website Hashgraph  – except for one addition: The Mention of the Fake Hashgraph ICO!

scam ICO - hashgraph

OK only 19900 results at present and we are sure Google will fix it – but until then:


At least not at present…

If that changes, this page will be updated.

As mentioned above there will be a statement regarding public ledger interest in near future.

In the meantime be patient and don’t send Bitcoin (or any other CRYPTO) to a website claiming to represent a Hashgraph ICO