Hashgraph ICO – Real or SCAM?

Beware Initial Coin Offering Scams related to HASHGRAPH and SWIRLDS

There is not Hashgraph ICO right now – any site taking your crypto for a supposed Hashgraph ICO is scamming you!

Is Hashgraph ICO Real Or Scam

Unfortunately, there are a number of websites promoting a Hashgraph ICO – some even directly copy the main Hashgraph website and just insert a little ICO info along with their Bitcoin Address to catch out the unwary.

# Please be cautious of scams and phishing attempts.

# Do not send any money to Hashgraph OR any site that claims to be running the Hashgraph ICO

# Scammers are building fake Hashgraph websites trying to steal your money.

# If you do find a scam, please report it to contact@hashgraph.com.

# Hashgraph does not have an ICO or any way to invest.

# A statement regarding public ledger interest is coming. Be patient.

So to repeat – there is no Hashgraph / SWIRLDS ICO planed at present

Beware Hashgraph ICO [aka Swirlds ICO] SCAMS!

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