Forget Bitcoin’s Blockchain, HASHGRAPH Is The Future

HashGraph is Miles Ahead of Bitcoin’s Blockchain

Ernie Varitimos of TraderOfFutures has just released one of the best Blockchain / Hashgraph comparisons so far.

Every day more and more smart people are discovering Hashgraph – Thanks Ernie!

Compare Hashgraph with Bitcoin Blockchain

Hashgraph is super fast, like 50000 times faster (limited only by bandwidth) with 250,000+ Transactions Per Second (Pre-Sharding)

Bitcoin is deliberately slow – limited to 7 transactions per second, on a good day!

Hashgraph is fairer: mathematically proven fairness (via consensus time stamping) meaning no individual can manipulate the order of the transactions. 

In the blockchain world, a miner can choose the order for which transactions occur in a block, can delay orders by placing them in future blocks, even stop them entirely from entering the system.

Consensus time stamping prevents an individual from affecting the consensus order of transactions.

Once an event occurs, everyone knows about it within a couple of minutes. Only the effects of the transaction are necessary for storing, everything else can be discarded. This shrinks the amount of storage currently needed (Bitcoin: 60GB) to a fraction of 1GB, allowing a smartphone to now act as a node. 

Just to repeat – Currently, there is no Hashgraph ICO or Coin – beware of any scammers suggesting there is.

It is possible there will be in the near future – watch out for updates.

In any case, the exciting thing about Hashgraph compared to Blockchain is the huge number of Applications that are now possible – applications that in time may well prove more valuable than any currency!

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